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Grant Black

Hello UCSC! My name is Grant Black and I am double majoring in politics and economics. Outside of school I enjoy playing guitar, going to concerts, reading books, and debating with friends. I am an eagle scout and am determined to become an environmental lawyer. I believe the time for reforming climate action is now. We are at a crossroads in human history where we must change our ways or accept our demise. It is my first year on the council and I look forward to furthering our student body's sustainable efforts. Let's get to work:)


Anna Wada

Hello, my name is Anna. I am a Junior transfer student single majoring in Environmental Studies. Some of the activities I enjoy are going on nature walks, watching movies, and spending time with friends and loved ones. I also am interested in travelling so I look forward to my future destinations to indulge myself into new experiences and culture. I am currently the Historian for CSC and I joined this organization to expand my network and become interconnected with people who are also passionate about sustainability and the well being of our planet. I look forward to making a difference to our slug community by pushing environmentalism and by allowing access to more sustainable resources on campus.

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Gordon Huang

I started becoming invested in the idea of creating a sustainable campus when I decided to come to this school. The beauty of the campus was something that I enjoy and want future generations to experience the beauty. By becoming involved in the Campus Sustainability Council, I had been given the opportunity to provide people capital to create sustainable programs on campus that would allow the campus to blossom. We fund the gardens on campus and many other organizations and programs that promote sustainability on campus. I hope to leave UCSC with more organizations that would keep the campus interesting and unique as the little city on the hill.


John McClure

My name is John McClure and I am a 4th year Environmental Studies and Anthropology double major here at UCSC. My academic interests mainly lie in Political Ecology and examining human-environment relationships and power dynamics. I got interested in CSC because I wanted to be able to make a meaningful impact on campus by funding student run sustainability projects that promote social and environmental justice. I am the Fiscal Coordinator and Crown College representative for CSC this year so please contact me if you are interested in applying for a student grant!


Anya Hynell

My name is Anya Hynell. I am a first year majoring in Earth Science with a focus on freshwater systems. Right now, I believe the largest threat to the wellbeing of our planet is climate change and environmental destruction, so I think we should do everything within our power to help. For this reason I joined CSC because we help make student run sustainable projects possible. My other hobbies include running, mountain biking, drawing, skiing, and playing guitar.


Gabe Paolone

My name is Gabriel Paolone. I am a Junior Transfer majoring in Business Management Economics with an emphasis in Accounting. I love the nature aspect of this University, I've always been a big city boy and am enjoying the change. I joined CSC in order to learn more about financial management and to have an impact in how the future of this school turns out.




Carmen Gutierrez

Carmen Gutierrez grew up in a small city in Southeast Los Angeles and moved to Santa Cruz in 2012 where she pursued a degree in Ecology & Environmental Studies. As a student she was involved in the Student Environmental Center and the Student Organization Leadership Body. She was also a peer adviser at Cowell College and the SOAR office. Through her student involvement she learned the importance of finding your voice and a community that supports each other. She is excited to be back with Enviroslug to support students in their missions towards a sustainable campus and world. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions: (831)459-1714