Other Funding Opportunities

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) at UC Santa Cruz provides campus speaker event support through Measure 43 for UCSC student-based events and programs. CASFS administers UCSC's Measure 43 funding to support a host of programs and opportunities for students at UCSC. Measure 43 will ensure that all undergraduate students have access to education and programs that enhance their understanding of the food system and their food choices, and that increase opportunities for classes, workshops, “learning journeys,” hands-on gardening experiences, and other campus activities.


The Carbon Fund committee strives for a sustainable future by working to mitigate Climate Change through funding and participating in projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conduct relevant research, or carry out education and behavioral change programs. The Committee’s commitment is foremost to the campus and its students, but also to the wider community as Climate Change is a threat without boundaries.